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image of the Music Band of Mougas in 1968

The Music Band of Union de Mougas, in 1968, in A Guarda with its director Alsirio Fernandez Rodriguez (photo by Alfredo Gonzalez Dominguez).

The Music Band of Union de Mougas was born on september in 1880 in the region of Mougas (Oia). On september 2005 was the 125th birthday. Since then a lot of boys and girls from Oia have been taught musically and professionally, and the whole region as well.

image of the Music Band of Mougas in 1980

The Music Band in 1980, with Alsirio as the director.

Mr. Alsirio Fernandez Rodriguez was born on March 26, 1924, being the youngest of five brothers, en el seno. He started to study music when he was very young, being animated by his brother Heliodoro, and when he was 15 he was already member of the music band of Union de Mougas.

Alsirio started to be a director in 1950, his Band, because the band is absolutelly dependent of him. He teach music and solfeggio too.

Alsirio has a very importants works being created by himself: Esperame; Na rua do Porto; Te fuiste; Javier; Carlitos; Islas Cies; Como quiere mi novia; Mambo Lola; Santa Eugenia; A mi me gusta el mambo... and Himno a Mougás being released in the tribute of the Band to Alsirio in 1989, when he was seriously sick.

The charismatic director of the Band for forty years died on June 3, 1990, it was the celebration of OIA about the Virgen del Mar.

image of the tribute to Alsirio

Inauguration of the monument to Alsirio.

On November of 1994 in the square of O Eirado de Mougas was discover a little monument in memory of Alsirio Fernandez Rodriguez, ordered by neighbors comision of Mougas and y created by the sculptor Jose Antunez Pousa. The plaque says: My ilusion, a next composition. The music band and his town grateful. 1990.

Nowadays, Gabriel Rodriguez Rodriguez is the director of the Music Band Union de Mougas. He started on November 23, 1990. Gabriel is a member of the band since he was a child, when Alsirio Fernandez Rodriguez was the director.

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