During the Middle Ages there were many roads that crossed the territory in the direction of Santiago de Compostela, taking special importance roads from Portugal.

One of these pilgrim routes is the "Portuguese Way along the coast", which runs from A Guarda to Redondela, where it joins with the traditional Portuguese Way to Santiago.

This route was followed by pilgrims from the western lands, those who arrived from overseas countries to Portuguese ports to get Compostela following this old coastal road. Its importance is shown by place names, and elements of devotion Xacobea, old hospitals and hospices to pilgrims, like Viana do Castelo and Caminha. From here they crossed the Minho River by boat to A Pasaxe, in the current galician municipality of A Guarda, to continue through the municipalities of O Rosal, Oia, Baiona, Nigrán and Vigo, until they reached Redondela, which continued for the same route as did the pilgrims from the tradional portuguese route.

The portuguese way ogf the coast oficially opens in the Holy Year 2010.