An old story of Oia tells that at slope of Cano dos Mouros exists a rock with the name of stone of Rei Sol (Sun King) where a king adores the sun many many years ago.

Anyone who contemplate a sunset in the coast of Oia, will share the Sun King attitude, because a lot of sensations will fill it in front of the espectacle of Sun going down behind the horizon. Sometimes it confuse between the sea and the sky. The ocean in movement undoing itself in millions of drops of foam. You will always leave a piece of your heard in this place.

Oia has a lot of wonderful places in the whole territory, almost 84Km2. The spectacular monastery and its place, the old castles. the misterious message of the prehistory that we perceive throught the petroglifos or the tradicional customs of the Galician rural architecture... everything in a wonderful place that we can enjoy ourselves very much.

Using C-550 road which cross the region by the coast or using others roads that join us with the interior cities, it is possible to enjoy of Galician southwest nature, and of course with a gorgeous cuisine in every restaurant of the zone.